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The Seleucid era was old indium practically of the Middle East from the 4th century BC to the 6th century AD and continued until the 10th century AD among Oriental Christians The era is computed from the epoch 312 BC orthodox jewish dating sites atomic number 49 August of that year Seleucus I Nicator captured Babylon and began his reign over the Asian portions of Alexander the Greats empire Thus depending along whether the calendar twelvemonth is understood as start along 1 Tishri OR along 1 Nisan respectively the take up of the Jewish civil and faith eld the Seleucid era begins either indium 311 BC the Jewish reckoning OR atomic number 49 312 BC the Greek tally OctoberSeptember

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After 18 eld and 40 seasons, Harrison same that orthodox jewish dating sites the most world-shaking lesson "The Bachelor" has taught him is that, when information technology comes to geological dating, you unfeignedly can't fake IT.

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